This strategy is able to go both long and short , depending on the market movement direction. you only want to trade SPOT and don't want to trade futures, you can set up the strategy to only go with LONG entries.

It has been adapted so far for pairs coins like ADA, BNB, XRP, DOT, BCH, LTC, LINK, XLM , EOS TRX and many others all of them traded against USDT or USDT PERP.

Very good drawdown ratio, making it a very safe strategy when not using leverage (in general in between 20-40% the last 1 year and half duration


  • Works in any type of market condition, doesn't matter if it's bear or bull trend.

  • Highest returns when used correctly

  • Can be traded both manually or automated

  • Risk management integrated inside the strategy


  • You need a future account and understand how to short a trade

  • If used incorrectly with leverage can lose the entire capital

  • For maximum profits, trading experience is required

This Strategy is for payment only. It's bundled with the DOMINUS Strategy You can find all details about our plans here.



Full explanation and details about the Strategy

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