BTC Correlation

This is a trending strategy designed mostly for CRYPTO market, especially the FUTURE one. Spot trading is also available. It's made from a combination of more than 200 moving averages applied to different type of candles values from BTC candles like close, open, high, low of a candle. The results in general beat buy and hold in most of the crypto coins correlated with BTC, between 1-5 times using no leverage at all. If a 2x leverage is used, then the results are 10-100 times the normal buy and hold value.


  • High - Very high returns

  • Can be traded both manually or automated

  • Can use leverage - Highest returns from all the products

  • Works with most crypto pairs, especially top/main ones

  • Highly safe from the losses


  • Requires patience

  • Does not use a stop loss or take profit level

  • If used incorrectly with leverage can lose the entire capital

  • For maximum profits, trading experience is required

For this strategy, here are some recommended settings for specific pairs:

Backtesting Results from January 2020

This Strategy is for payment only. It's included in the Diamond and Maximus plans. You can find all details about our plans here.



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