One tool to rule them all

This is a trend following strategy, designed to take beginning of a trend and ride it until there is a reversal inside. It does not matter if it's CRYPTO, FOREX, STOCKS, FUTURES or INDEXES. As long as there is a trend, this tool will get it.

For technical tools I am using a combination of almost all types of moving averages, using short, normal and long lengths (around 250 moving averages are inside).

For oscillators I use a combination of the most used oscillator (30 of them).

Lastly we have the price action rules, that goes together with the rating, so we can have an even better idea if the trend is ending, we have a reversal, or we are at the beginning of the trend.


  • Works with literally any pair, any market, any timeframe

  • Can have very high returns if used properly

  • Can be traded both manually or automated

  • Does not use a stop loss or take profit level


  • Requires manual trading

  • For maximum profits, trading experience is required

  • Pairs need to be monitored frequently

  • Does not use a stop loss or take profit level

  • If used incorrectly with leverage can lose the entire capital


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