Some psychology

Today I am going to speak about psychology and how to make use of it in our day by day lives.

For example , I had a situation yesterday when I was winning, but after I closed my position, I was like, damn, I could have made more . By doing this I forgot the base , which is it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, a win is a win.

We don’t have to be greedy , that’s the root of disaster sooner or later.

Now let’s speak about losses, this applies to every domain. Imagine a situation that fucks you up so badly, that you want to quit. It can be sport, trading, career or whatever. No matter how much you will try to avoid these situations, they will always come by, always. And from what I understood, the key to overpass them can be divided in a small step list :

First, no matter what, dont stay closed inside the house, go out take a walk, go running, go to gym. Make your body work, and you will start to see the things from the inside.

Second, remember yourself why you started in the first place, and after such a long journey it would be a mistake to quit right now.

Third, always look at the same time at the future, and realize why in the long run it will be profitable to stay in it.

Remember who you are !

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